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It is difficult to ask the right questions if you don’t know what they are...

Do your research! Do your research! Do your research!




If there Is a showroom available that is already a good sign! This will allow you to meet your supplier, see how they operate, feel the glass and see the true colours with your naked eye which is a very different experience from seeing a video or picture. Traditionally UK Kitchen Glass Splashbacks are made from 6mm, low iron, toughened glass.

True splashback professionals would have seen more kitchens in their carrier that any kitchen fitter out there. It is a great opportunity to speak to a professional to discuss your splashback design options, see what else can be achieved and what to avoid.

Our professional designers are happy to consult your project at our CreoGlass Innovation Centre. Come and choose from a large variety of large samples and prototypes not available anywhere else.




Obtain a sample! Samples Should be Fully Refundable and are important to cross-reference with the source of light quality in your kitchen. The angle, intensity, and type of light do matter! There is no better place to confirm the colour than in your own kitchen. CreoGlass Sample library provides the largest unique range of kitchen & bathroom glass splashbacks in UK accompanied with one of the most complete sample stores. Our stock samples are treated as the off-the-shelf products, and so are fully exchangeable and refundable on return.



Kitchen Glass Splashback Designs have evolved beyond the ordinary coloured glass. There are many various techniques and materials used to create the most beautiful piece of art splashbacks and so the prices do vary dramatically.

Choose between 2-3 colours or designs that you like and compare it to your budget.

For a medium size kitchen with a window, you should be budgeting about £1000-£1200+VAT including measuring and fitting service for a classic coloured glass splashback.

Free estimates are provided based on your kitchen sketches with rough measurement or floor plan drawings or photos and videos. You can email it to us for evaluation and approximation of the cost of the job.




Measuring is paramount of every successful project!

There are few measuring techniques that could provide the required accuracy for a good quality fitted splashbacks.

  1. Templating techniques is the oldest techniques, still used to these days. It’s got the potential to be accurate, however, due to the large range of materials used to create a template, this technique is inconsistent and very labor intensive.

  2. Datum lines is a simple technique using X & Y laser horizontal and vertical lines. This is very accurate, however still inconsistent method due to relatively high human error risk of the miss-reading tape measure at the initial data entry point.

  3. Measuring with Digitizer is so far the most accurate method eliminating 98% human errors providing very fast and accurate results.


Often appliances must be removed to measure fine details for a perfect aesthetically pleasing job further down the line. There are many tricks of a trade that only an experienced fitter can master after years of practicing, evaluating and analyzing every job.

Any other measuring methods other than what we mentioned here are either not suitable or not feasible at the moment.




In our busy daily lives, we appreciate the extra little help of a professionalism with a smooth process without stress and worry.

Service level Before the sale, During the active project as well as After the sale is the true reflection of the quality service. Read the reviews. Do they sound genuine? Are they consistent and regular?

Do you have a point of contact? A dedicated project manager is the Gradient Angel of your order and should frequently update you on the progress of the project to create peace in mind.

We have 5 quality checks in place to ensure we deliver 100% quality product every time.

  • After measuring, technical CAD drawings are made to cut and shape the glass to +/- 2mm industry tolerance

  • Then the glass is toughened (forged) to make it super strong

  • Drawings are also providing a canvas for our graphic designers to help you to create your dream splashback, the cherry on top!

  • Once the design is approved and glass is cut and toughened, we begin to apply the colour or design finish you chose




At the end of an expensive kitchen renovation, it may seem appealing to save little money on competitive quotes. As we know, Splashbacks are protecting the walls and are easy to clean.

But! They are also the most focal surface in your kitchen and contributes to an overall first impression of the kitchen, unlike the worktops!

  • The kitchen is the most expensive and most utilized room of the house

  • Your Splashbacks are an investment and will last for many years to come

  • The quality of the installation finish Matters! It is the Cherry on top of your beloved kitchen!


A great company will deliver beyond your expectations saving you from hassle, stress, worry, and money in the long run! We have been in this business for many years and we have seen many unfortunate results of a price-driven decision.

A tight fit, great communication, and clean and tidy installation with maximum attention to detail is a result of an experienced team and a great choice of company.




Have any of your friends or relatives had their glass splashbacks installed? Check the quality of fitting, ask about the experience and any advise.

With our up to 10 years guarantee and quality service, you will enjoy your splashbacks from CreoGlass Design production for many years to come. We are proud of the renowned quality and creativity of our team and our clients. We are the winners of an International Design Award competition in Italy for the best wall glass cladding design.

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