How to add a mirrored splashback to your kitchen

Discover the space-expanding secret your compact kitchen has been missing, as revealed by a kitchen designer!

Struggling with a small kitchen? We feel your pain. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have sprawling cooking spaces, so it's vital to make the most of what we have. And now, CreoGlass's top designer has provided a solution to maximize your kitchen's space: a mirrored splashback.

While finding room for small appliances like air fryers and coffee machines can be challenging, this trick will instantly create the illusion of a larger kitchen without any major renovation work. We love optical illusions that bring light into our homes, and the best part is that this design hack is both stylish and functional.


Adding mirrors to smaller areas in your home, such as narrow hallways, is a well-known trick. But a mirror in the kitchen? That's a delightful surprise. So, how can you incorporate a mirrored splashback into your kitchen? Let us explain how it can instantly open up your space.

How to incorporate a mirrored splashback into your kitchen


It may seem odd to add a mirror to a room that's all about functionality rather than vanity. But optimizing the available width with a splashback is a clever way to create the illusion of a larger space.

When natural light enters your kitchen, even in limited amounts, it will bounce off the mirrored splashback, instantly brightening and enlarging the room.

We spoke to Bohdan, CreoGlass's head designer, who emphasised the importance of "using the space that you have." A splashback is a perfect example of utilizing existing features - even small kitchens have one. So why not make the most of something primarily used for practical purposes by transforming it into a space-enhancing design element?

"Mirrors make any space feel massive," adds Jennifer. "Mirrored splashbacks are a fantastic way to achieve just that and extend the horizontal plane."


"Antique silver works well in both modern and classic kitchens," she adds. And this design choice isn't limited to country kitchens either - shaker kitchens can be found in all types of properties and offer a sophisticated look that mirrors will enhance.

If you love bold kitchen colour schemes but worry about overwhelming a small room, a mirror might be the missing element. "It allows you to go dark with your cabinetry," Jennifer explains. So, if you've been dreaming of a rich green kitchen (like we have), consider this your official permission.

Curious about other unexpected places to add mirrors in your home? Jennifer suggests placing a "mirrored splashback behind a gin bar" - who could resist that?

Embrace the magic of mirrors and transform your kitchen into a bright and open space. Say goodbye to the limitations of a small kitchen and hello to airy perfection!