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Which Glass Splashback or Worktop should I choose?

Style and design advice for our Glass products.

Glass Worktops and Splashbacks have the ability to completely revamp a kitchen or bathroom. With so many different choices it can be tricky to find the perfect one, so we thought we would help. Here, at CreoGlass, we have put together a guide on glass worktops and splashbacks to help you decide which style.

You should consider a few factors. How do you want your home to feel? Modern? Classic? Cottage? Contemporary? Do you want to make a statement or be subtle? Would you prefer bold and bright colours? Loads of glitter? Do you wanted muted tones? Do you want to complement or contrast the other features in the room, such as the kitchen cabinets? Would you like to use the splashback as an alternative to a feature art wall? Are you looking to increase the feeling of space and light?

Classic Coloured Glass

Our classic coloured glass is our entry level glass, and therefore the cheapest option. The classic range keeps it simple. We can colour match to any colour, so no options are off the table. We offer the Classic Coloured Splashbacks in either a Glossy or Matte finish.

Our glossy glass has a high shine finish. Their surface reflects any light sources you have around them, giving them their glossy, shiny effect. The matte finish glass vs the glossy finish is a matter of taste. Some people prefer the chic matte effect over high gloss. Maybe you have glossy cabinets and want to contrast these with a matte finish splashback.

When is comes to choosing a colour you can think about if you want to make a statement or if you want your splashback to blend into the room.

Bold colours can contrast other features, such as if you have light kitchen cabinets that you’d like to contrast with a dark or bright colour.

As we can colour match to any colour, some people like to choose features in the room to create these as a splashback colour, such a current wall colour, a sofa or these vases below.

Here, the customer has chosen to colour match their wall colour to their splashback.

This customer has chosen a jet black matte splashback to compliment their tap and contrast their white cabinets.

The vases have been chosen as a source to colour match this gradient splashback.

Glitter Glass

Light dispersion. Luxurious feel. Subtle sparkle or full on 100% Luxury.

This customer chose a combination of Luxury Worktops and Splashbacks with a Glossy Glass Worktop. Their purple kitchen theme complements the purple sofa behind and contrasts the orange/red fixtures and walls. The luxury glitter help to create a lovely new dimension and texture to the kitchen.

Here, fine sparkle has been added in a subtle way. The fine sparkle adds a beautiful extra layer of glitter. The colour scheme has been matched to compliment the cabinets, handles and wall colour.

This kitchen displays a more vibrant and bold use of glitter and colours. The Luxury Collection in red has made this kitchen eye-catching and energetic. They've chosen features such as the range and utensils to run with the red theme. The white cabinets help to ensure the overall finish doesn't appear too busy and in your face.

Mirrored Glass

Increases the feeling of space and light

Stencilled Glass


Printed Glass

Personal, unique. Alternative to feature art walls.

Textured Glass

3D, interesting textures.

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