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Dream Kitchens of Rockstars and Celebrities

Dream Kitchens of Rockstars and Celebrities

We love gawping at the kitchens of the rich and famous, especially in the doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room, but it all seems a million miles away from my own kitchen with its mix-and-match homeliness, not to mention the battle-scars from the family’s daily wear and tear. However many times I tell myself that celebrity kitchens, like celebrity models, have been created for the camera and not for everyday life, I sometimes can’t help wishing that I could import a bit of the glamour, style and celebrity chic into the heart of my home.

So here’s my plan - I may not have £500,000 (like the Beckhams) to spend on my kitchen; I may not be able to bring a top designer to create my dream kitchen, I may not have an amazing architectural space or location to work with –but maybe if I trick myself into thinking like a celebrity I might be able to see my existing kitchen in a new light and –who knows –make some simple but effective changes that will add a sprinkling of star quality to the heart of my home. After all –I’m worth it!

  • I have confidence in my star qualities – let’s face it; the major difference between us and most celebrities is that they have confidence in their looks, talent, skills, qualities, and we don’t. So, think like a celebrity: Make a list of your top three qualities, write it out in big letters and stick it on the fridge. Now –look around your kitchen. Where are these qualities reflected? We expect Nigella’s kitchen to be feminine and glamorous –so where are the colours, textures, surfaces, and accessories that remind your family and friends just how absolutely fabulous you are?
  • I stand out from the crowd – forget the latest kitchen trends for a moment and think about ways in which your kitchen expresses what’s different, quirky, and extraordinary about you. So whether you’re into sports, music, books, films, crafts or writing, think creatively about how you can express your passion in your kitchen.
  • I pose for pictures – celebrities get their kitchens photographed all the time, so why not set up your very own photo shoot. Clear out the clutter, give some thought to ambiance and lighting, decide which angles the best show off your workspace, add a few accessories and get snapping. Feel free to make changes as you go, and a few cosmetic touches will work wonders. Just doing this will get you thinking differently about your kitchen, so step into the spotlight and have fun!
  • I am who I am – the trick of being a celebrity is that they don’t seem to be trying to be anyone other than who they truly are –and they don’t feel the need to apologize for themselves either. Try it for a day in your kitchen; don’t feel the need to tidy everything away when friends come around –see if they notice. Arrange your cupboards and drawers to suit you, rather than trying to fit in with the existing design. Philosopher Slavoj Zizek keeps his underwear and his shaving kit in his kitchen cabinets –just because it suits his lifestyle!
  • I’ve got a team of designers just waiting to hear my ideas – celebrities don’t try to do all the work themselves; they have ideas and then they let other people have the fun of putting them into practice. As part of your celebrity experiment, book a conversation with a kitchen design team. This is rather like taking a test drive in your dream car; you’re not committing yourself but you are taking your design ideas one step further. Of course, I’ll be talking to the CreoGlass Design Team because I love their product range and they’re the most inspiring and creative people I know –as well as being helpful, practical and expert at what they do.

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[image] If you would like to book a celebrity design session with the CreoGlass Design Team call us On 01923 81984, or email us at [email protected]

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