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Creoglass’ Canon Océ Arizona Printer!

Creoglass’ Canon Océ Arizona Printer!


The Canon Océ Arizona 1260 XT is a large flat based printer that prints 3 layers. The printer prints colour first, then a layer of white and then another layer of colour to give it the best possible effect that it can give it. This also ensures the print does not end up looking washed out or discoloured at all.

The Canon Océ Arizona 1260 XT is 4.65 metres long by 3.2 metres wide and can print up to 3 metres by 2.5 metres in one go. It can also print up to 4.7 metres in 2 runs.



The process the printer takes to print is a process called UV printing. The way this process works is by printing the UV ink and using UV lights to dry the ink instantly as it is printed, this stops any ink smudging or running and comes out exactly as it is printed. This printer has a substroke limit of 50mm so cannot print anything if it is taller than 50mm.

The Canon Océ Arizona 1260 XT printer has an Automated Printhead Maintenance System which provides complete hands-free printhead cleaning and takes up 30 seconds per colour so ensures consistent nozzle performance prints


The Canon Océ Arizona 1260 XT printer was only released last year so is the latest and most up to date printing technology there is to date! Due to it being designed and made so recently it comes with many perks such as the AMS cleaning system as stated before. It also comes with many more modern advantages.

The way the printer prints is by printing tiny little dots which from your image. These dots are so small you cant see them by eye unless printed at a huge scale and looked at very closely. These small dots of colour are printed and then dried instantly with the UV lights which once finished then forms your image.

CreoGlass Design can use this to print on their 4mm or 6mm Glass Splashbacks or their 15mm Glass Worktops. This could be anything from their custom printed wave designs all the way to bespoke prints.

CreoGlass Design can print up to 3 metres long by 2.5 metres wide but can print up to 4.7 metres long in 2 runs however the printer will have to do 2 runs of printing so it is not recommended. Although it is not recommended, it is still possible and highly accurate and done to the highest professional standards.

CreoGlass Design can also do backlit panels now that a printer is doing the backing colour. The reason they couldnt do it before is that the panels were being hand sprayed. The issue with is that when sprayed the paint had to dry and if anything got onto the paintwork, whether thats a small piece of dust or anything then when the LED’s are turned on it would pick out every small detail about the backing. Now that the Canon Océ Arizona 1260 XT printer is printing the backing and using UV lights to dry the ink instantly there is no chance of anything getting onto the paint work. This means CreoGlass Design can do LED backlit panels.

See How The Printer Works Here!

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