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Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this?

Pablo Picasso

You know that feeling when you feel a bit worn out and lacking ‘get up and go’? Sometimes it’s as simple as needing a bit of colour therapy to put the zing back in our lives. I came across this great mindfulness exercise designed to see if you’re suffering from colour depravation. It feels good to do and it’s a great reminder of why colour is such a powerful force in our lives. Colour works on us emotionally, creating a mood or atmosphere that will affect how we feel, and it shapes our perceptions by either accentuating the light and breadth of our living spaces, or by making us feel trapped or stifled.It starts with making a cup of tea…

Whilst the tea is cooling, sit and watch the steam rising from the liquid. Do nothing else, just allow yourself to get lost in the swirling shapes.As you immerse yourself in the present moment, become aware of the sounds you can hear in the kitchen, then in the house, then outside the house. Notice the layers of sound that you are experiencing.

  • Once you think the tea is cool enough to drink – and don’t rush this – pick up your cup and as you do so, take in the kitchen space you are sitting in. Notice the colours around you.
  • Sip your tea and remain relaxed. Feel the impact of the colours as you rest your eyes on them; do they make you feel calm, tranquil, low, anxious, excited?
  • Continue to sip you tea as you close your eyes for a moment. With your eyes closed, choose an alternative colour for your kitchen – see it in your mind’s eye and then open your eyes and imagine it before you. How does this change your mood?
  • When you’ve found a colour that makes you feel good, rest in it a while, enjoy it, and see if any other colours appear to complement it. By now you’ve probably finished your tea. I bet you’re feeling relaxed and creative, too!

I did this exercise a few days ago and discovered that my kitchen colour design left me feeling calm and content, but lacking motivation or energy. I was drawn to the vibrancy of a red cyclamen on my window sill and as I gazed at it I immediately started to feel excited and bubbly; then I imagined the cyclamen red as a feature in other areas of the kitchen and by the time I’d finished my tea I felt revived and full of plans to get more of this colour into my life!

Colour theory in the kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design trends favour a base colour with an accent shade which is used to highlight specific areas, create a sense of depth or height, and add splashes of vibrant dynamism. Colour designers tend to use a very simple rule of thumb: if you want your kitchen space to feel energised then you should choose contrasting colours such as blues and oranges, or reds and greens. If, however, you favour a more laid-back, relaxed atmosphere, then you should look for a complementary pairing such as pale yellow and pale green, or graduating shades of a primary colour such as blue, utilising its deep rich tones right through to the most subtle shadings of its paler hues.

Colouring your kitchen

If you are in need of a colour injection, here are three suggestions for adding instant colour to your kitchen, without the upheaval of a complete kitchen refit!

Use your wall space to create dynamism! Use prints, or your favourite artwork, to add vibrant colours to your base colour. For a fantastic finish, CreoGlass can digitally print bespoke designs, patterns, prints or artworks, directly on to glass for a beautiful bespoke wall art which is unique to your kitchen space.

Take a good look at your splashbacks. These bear the brunt of your kitchen challenges and they can, over the years, lose their sheen and start to look tired. Glass kitchen  splashbacks are fast becoming the design feature of choice because they do a great job but they also add light and vibrancy to your kitchen, fast. CreoGlass offer a huge range of colours, and textures to get your creative juices flowing again.

How about looking for one distinctive colour feature to brighten your kitchen environment? There are some great examples of how CreoGlass customers have done just that by creating a bespoke glass splashback to place behind their hob, or above their worktops. There’s no limit to the creative possibilities and the Design Team will work with you to ensure that your creative vision becomes a reality.

If you would like to have a chat about the ways in which CreoGlass can help you to create a colourful kitchen, give us a call on 01923 81984, or email us at [email protected]

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