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Cracked Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Cracked Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

ice-cracked glass splashback

Ice-Cracked Splashbacks & Worktops

I don’t know if you used to do this as a kid, but on cold winter mornings when puddles were frozen over, I would just love cracking the ice with my heel. If you hit it just right, the ice cracked in what seemed like a thousand places but didn’t split; on a large piece of ice, you could watch the journey of the cracks as they made their way to the edges. Imagine my delight when I discovered that CreoGlass had recreated this treasured memory as a splashback design! This truly stunning design combines the reflective, light-enhancing qualities of mirror glass, with the mosaic-style cracked ice texture trapped beneath a smooth surface layer. When I first saw a cracked glass splashback I just couldn’t work out how the dense complexity of textured patterns had been captured so beautifully. One of the CreoGlass design team took me through the process, step-by-step and I was struck by the sheer detail and energy that goes into creating this gorgeous effect.

Manufacturing Ice-Cracked Glass

Cracked glass is made up of no less than five layers which are carefully constructed to create the final product. Imagine a glass sandwich made up of two layers of non-toughened glass on the outside, one layer of toughened glass in the middle, and then two layers of resin between the glass sheets. The resin is poured into the gaps between the layers of glass and is left for five days before machine finishing –it is at this point that the toughened panel shatters and the moment of fracture is captured to perfection and held in place by the resin beneath the smooth glass exterior. It reminds me of the way in which fossils are sometimes found perfectly preserved in amber, marking a moment of time which is then retrieved thousands of years later.

ice-cracked glass splashback

Contemporary Design For Your Home

If you’re looking for a sleek, contemporary style kitchen with a WoW factor that will get people talking, this is a great product to consider. My favourite is the clear cracked glass but CreoGlass also offer ice cracked glass kitchen splashbacks in smoky grey, peach, blue, bronze, and green. All the finishes are beautiful, the mirror sheen picks up and enhances chrome or metal appliances, and the splashback comes into its own and, looks particularly stunning when installed along the full length of a kitchen wall.

And, of course, the high-quality manufacturing process means that ice cracked glass splashbacks provide you with a smooth, non-porous surface which is naturally germ-resistant, easy to keep clean, and affords great protection from splashes and stains. The Design Team wouldn’t recommend using this particular product behind your hob, or near to a heat source, because of the use of non-toughened glass in the manufacture.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this product, call us on 01923 81984, or email us on [email protected] 

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