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BendyStone is a new innovative product that uses real stone. Stone has been used for a long time and now we have a new product that is using real stone thinly scraped off the rock face and applied to a fibreglass backing. This gives you a light flexible product that can be applied internally or externally, to walls, floors, Kitchens, Worktops and Bathrooms. This extremely versatile product is well seasoned by the elements over thousands of years, therefore does not need any further protection or maintenance against sun or water.

This Stone can be cut using simple tile cutting blades or sheet cutting scissors and can easily be applied to different surfaces with the use of products such as PU-adhesive, Silicone and Epoxy.


  • Highly Flexible
  • Extremely Thin (2mm)
  • Very Light
  • Simple & Varied Applicability
  • Durability & Eco-Efficient
  • Simple Cutting & Packaging
  • Harder & Stronger Than Slate

Bendy Stone comes in sheets of 2440×1220 and 1220×610

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