Printed Bathroom Sink Splashback

Product Description

Glass bathroom splashbacks are the modern and superior solution to bathroom tiles. Say goodbye to difficult to clean grouting and mould. Use glass in your shower enclosure, around your bathroom walls or behind both sinks and baths.

Toughened Glass is extremely durable and easy to keep clean. It also provides huge range of colours and designs.

We have a wide range of vibrant and subtle colour splashbacks as well as bespoke printed images and many other premium designer finishes. Glass Bathroom Splashbacks will brighten up your home, make the bathroom maintenance easy.


All UK made Toughened Glass
 For Showers, Sinks & Baths
Completely water resistant
Quick & Easy to clean
Cut-outs for plumbing & fittings
Use any chemical to clean surfaces
Available in all finishes
clear-vision glass cleaning kit

Keep your bathroom glass sparkling clean with our Clear-Vision Cleaning Kit.

Clear-Vision’s “non-stick” formula prevents limescale & water deposits from adhering to glass surfaces. Protect your glass & make regular cleaning effortless.

Glass Shower Screens

Creoglass Design now offers Glass Shower Screens in both Plain Glass and Printed Glass. You can have standard Plain Glass or Printed Toughened Glass choosing anything from our Wave Design to a standard Gradient design for privacy!

We offer a full Measure & Fit service or just supply only if you can measure the area you need the glass and fit it yourself.

For more information please contact us on 01923 819 684, email us or visit our Showroom in Watford

Using Splashbacks in the Bathroom


shower glass splashback

Showers enclosures can be transformed with a bespoke glass splashback. Cut-outs can be made to accommodate any brackets & plumbing fittings. Avoid difficult to clean grout and tiles with a modern and easy to clean surface. Customise your glass with any of our splashback finishes.


sink glass splash panel

Splash panels are perfect for high use areas such as around bathroom sinks. Choose small panels or large feature pieces, add artwork or glitters. We also supply both regular and Toughened mirror splashbacks.


bath glass splash panel

Surround your bath with a unique, modern, and easy to clean glass splashback. We do cut-outs for taps and handles, even place glass within the window reveals. Our glass bathroom glass splashbacks are both heat and water resistant and sealed using professional quality silicon.