LED Illuminated Splashbacks

LED Lights Add Ons are modern feature and more often than not a must have these days. Almost every household is familiar with LED Light strips in one way or the other.
You can choose to have your splashbacks lighted in number of ways.
The most commonly Kitchen Glass Splashbacks are lighted by adding LED light strip on the bottom of kitchen units.
Other option are Back-lighted Splashback, LED lights are Embedded is a groove in the wall or LED lights channelled through the edge of the glass.

The most popular solution is Back-lighted Splashback with LED Multi Colour Change and Dimmable feature with remote controler. We measure, manufacture a fit for you, your electrician will connect it to the mains. For more information please call us on 01923819684 or request an online quote here.

LED Multi Colour Change with Dimmable feature lighted splashbacks with remote controler

LED Illuminated Splashback_
LED Illuminated Splashback_

Other Options

Other options are to illuminate the entire glass panel from behind.
You can choose from whole range of LED lights:

-Cool White, Warm Light, Soft White
-Standard, Waterproof
-Multi Coloured, Dimmable

Please contact us for more “Package” details (Worktop + Splashback) or request a single quotation.