Kitchen splashbacks have always been a necessity; they offer protection to the walls of your home’s biggest asset from splashes, grease marks and stains. Recently, however, splashbacks have graduated from being standard kitchen kit to a focal design feature, offering you the opportunity to create a unique kitchen environment in numerous, stylish ways. Click on any splashback website and you’ll be greeted by a huge range of materials, textures, colours and fittings to choose from – it’s easy to be dazzled into indecision! The CreoGlass team have created this guide, designed to help you pick your way through the splashback options. We take you step by step through the decision making process, so that you can be sure that you choose the splashback that serves all your needs, and creates the kitchen environment that is perfect for your individual vision.

Step One – What material should I choose for my splashback?

So many to choose from! Kitchen splashbacks come in many gorgeous guises such as stainless steel, tiles, glass, brick, and marble. Of late glass has taken the title for being the most popular choice by customers, both in the domestic and commercial market. Partly this is because glass looks so good, but there are also numerous practical reasons: the non-porous qualities of the material make it an ideal anti-bacterial, easy-clean surface to maintain. It’s also equal to the toughest kitchen environments; toughened glass can withstand temperatures up to up to 400°C. Glass has proved itself the most versatile of materials throughout the centuries and now it’s showing its natural strength and flexibility as the splashback design of choice for the contemporary kitchen.

Step Two – What designs and colours can I choose from?

Once you know the material you’ll be working with you can start to imagine the kind of space you want to create. Glass has a beauty all of its own; it’s a translucent substance which gives the impression of space and light to its environment. Glass also comes in a great range of colours and hues from bright and bold to subtle and seductive – and everything in-between! The light-reflecting surface of glass provides a great medium for adding textures such as rainbow sparkles, or satin shimmers – particularly stunning under artificial lighting. If you’re feeling really inspired, your glass splashbacks can be customised to display a pattern, prints or artworks of your own design. Choosing glass for your splashbacks is just the start of an exciting design journey which puts you in control and provides a focal point, at the heart of the home, for your unique creative expression.

Step Three – How do I know the splashback I choose will fit my kitchen space

Remember I mentioned that glass is the most versatile of materials? Whatever the contours of your kitchen, glass splashbacks can provide the solution. There is a wide range of standard stock colour splashbacks and upstands available for DIY installation. If, however, your kitchen provides challenges that require more of a customised approach, glass can be cut to create splashbacks that are shaped to fit the contours of your individual space to perfection.

Step Four – Should I install kitchen splashbacks myself?

At CreoGlass the Design Team love working with their customers, whether they’re planning to install their splashbacks themselves, or have chosen to have them professionally installed. If you’re taking the DIY approach, we can help by talking you through the process, and offering detailed advice drawn from our wealth of experience in this area. Whether you need a confidence boost, or your enquiry is of a more professional nature, we have the level of expertise to draw on that can help you towards the design you want for your kitchen. Our professional installation service takes you through the process of material choice, design decisions, measurements and fittings, through to installation completion. We’ll always listen carefully, offer advice where requested, and support you in achieving your vision.

Step Five – What sort of service can I expect from installers?

We can provide you with a range of professional services to help with the installation of your glass splashbacks:

  • Site Survey – a surveyor and interior designer can visit the site to discuss your design needs, help you with colour choices, and measure the space using laser equipment to ensure absolute precision.
  • Design Precision – a template for your splashbacks is created at our Design Studios. Templates for complicated or non-standard shapes are created by hand.
  • Manufacture – your splashbacks are manufactured on site, to your design specifications, using high quality, UK sourced toughened glass. We inform customers of the estimated time of manufacture which is dependent upon the technical requirements of your kitchen.
  • Installation – once your glass splashbacks have been quality checked, we will arrange a date and time for installation. We will be as accurate as possible about the time this will take and the amount of disruption it will create if in a domestic setting.
  • Completion – when you are completely happy with the result, we know our job is done!

Step Six – How much will glass splashbacks cost me?

Dependent on the size of your kitchen, the design you choose, and the level of professional services you employ, the cost of glass splashbacks varies widely. What we at CreoGlass can promise is that we will give you the very best advice along the way, to ensure that you get the very best value for the budget you can afford.


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