An often overlooked feature of a kitchen is the splashback. Designed to protect the wall from moisture and daily use, the humble splashback doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Thankfully, all that is changing. The ability to use glass and select the colour, design and size you want has elevated the kitchen splashback to become the focal point of any room.A glass splashback is a simple way of achieving something truly original that reflects your personality, taste and style. If you’re considering such a design statement, these are the five most popular questions we have been asked over the past twelve months.

1. Where can a glass splashback be?

If we can fit it into your home, then almost anywhere! Our UK made glass product can be made into several pieces and combined to completely cover your walls. Even all around your windows can be neatly lined with our glass splashbacks. More than the traditional single splashback behind a hob or cooker, modern bespoke glass splashbacks are becoming a growing trend to creating a bespoke styling your kitchen.

Book your project in and our on-site team will come to provide a precision measure service (there are laser involved!). We will also provide a valuable consultation on how to best achieve your desired design and layout.

Want to experiment with something never tried before? Ask our team, we love new ideas and will always try to assist those who want to be daringly creative.

2. What are the advantage of a toughened glass splashback over other materials?

Toughened glass is a superb material to work with. With the right skills and experience, it can be moulded into just about any shape or finish imaginable. It’s one of the reasons many top interior designers are adopting glass splashbacks as expression pieces.

Toughened glass also has other advantages.

  • • Glass doesn’t discolour with time, use or washing
  • • Glass is naturally antibacterial and simple clean
  • • Glass is very tough and heat resistant up to 400°C
  • • Glass can be customised and cut into just about any shape needed
  • • Glass can be used for a worktop and a splashback

3. What colours or designs can I have?

One of the main reasons we love working with glass is the freedom it gives us. If you can imagine it, we can design it. There are very few limitations when it comes to colours, textures, finishes and designs. Our range of existing glass splashback finishes provides a great resource to deciding what colours and designs our product can bring to your kitchen.

We are creative designers who love to help you decide on a fantastic finish for your kitchen.

4. What about sockets & cut-outs?

We can easily integrate sockets, challenging shapes and cut-outs into the design of your glass splashback. Fitting the glass tightly around cupboards and extractor hood, we can provide custom cut glass to create a perfect jigsaw-like piece to seamless blend into your kitchen assembly.

Having a tailor-made glass splashback means designing it around the needs of both you and your kitchen space.

5. Can you design other elements to fit a kitchen design?

Yes we can! We manufacture the majority of our own products. When we have a splashback design that you’re delighted with, we can then design worktops, upstands, sockets, mirrors and wall art to match or complement the design. We have the skills and expertise in-house to transform a room!

If you’re considering a glass splashback. Why not get us to help with your design?

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So enjoy with us the discovery and journey in creating a bespoke design perfect for you.
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