Sensa Granite Worktops

Sensa Granite Worktops

Starting From £180 – Per 0.25sqm

Now Only £162 – Per 0.25sqm

Sensa Granite Worktops are a unique granite surface. Carefully chosen by Cosentino, these surfaces are of the highest quality.

Sourced from Brazil and India. These natural stone materials provide the most beautiful and elegant natural finishes. Sensa Granite surfaces also provide exceptional resistance to scratches and stains.

A Sensa Worktop comes with a 15 year guarantee as these unique surfaces are to the highest standards in the Granite Industry.

More Information about Sensa Granite Worktops

Sensa Granite Worktops

Sensa Difference

Sensa surfaces have distinct advantages over other granite surfaces. They have been specially treated to help prevent penetration of liquids.

This treatment helps prolong the material’s natural characteristics. It also provides some key performance enhancements. 

These Worktops are the most popular amongst our Stone Worktops range. Sensa offers more features and advantages than standard Granite Worktops. The most popular being there Stain Resistance. This allows you to have liquids around your Kitchen. Never having to worry about staining your high quality Worktops. Simply wipe away liquids and other household items.

The Sensa collection by Cosentino has colours that are unique and exclusive. They are in tune with the nature that has created them. There are seven shades available, each one counts on a texture: Suede, Polished or Caresse. All presenting the beauty born from nature and chosen by Cosentino. Turning these surfaces in a unique and unparalleled design.

Sensa by Cosentino’s Granite are all natural products. For this reason, it is not possible to guarantee that samples from stores will match perfectly with the final worktop. Photos are examples only.

Features about a Granite Worktop

  • No Special Maintenance required.
  • Certified & Approved for direct food contact.
  • High long term performance and a guarantee from Cosentino.
  • Stain Resistant.
  • Unique designs made by nature.

Available Colours