Non-Scratch Glass Worktops

Non-Scratch Glass Worktops

Starting From £137.50 – Per 0.25sqm

Now Only £103 – Per 0.25sqm

Non-Scratch Glass Worktops are Highly durable 10mm thick, toughened glass available in any matt colour or print image or pattern.

Also, available with matching splashbacks. The worktops are the first thing you might see when you walk into a kitchen. Due to their dominance in the aesthetics of the room, if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, changing your worktops will make the biggest difference. It is the one thing that estate agents always recommend to make your home more sell-able.

Satin glass worktops are ideal for kitchen surfaces. This is because satin glass is a specially treated glass, chemically resistant to kill all germs on your kitchen surfaces. Satin glass also provides a scratch resistant worktop, which prevents unsightly scratches and wear and tear. Bacteria can get into the scratches on other worktops, which then become impossible to clean and attracts germs.

More Information about Non-Scratch Glass Worktops

Non-Scratch Glass Worktops

Thinner than traditional granite worktops, our glass worktops are toughened and resistant to impact and heat up to 400ºC, making a functional, hygienic surface that is lightweight and quick to install.

Satin glass worktops by ®CreoGlass can be customized in a wide range of colours. We will match to any colour of your choosing.

Kitchen designers are recommending glass worktops over other materials because of the numerous benefits. Our satin glass worktops are:

  • Light reflecting – making the kitchen brighter and appear more spacious
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Scratch resistant
  • Non-porous – more hygienic
  • A long-term investment
  • Stylish with many design options

Everyone at ®CreoGlass has a part to play and a contribution to make and our areas of expertise come together to give you the very best service.

We find it easy to help you because we love our glass products and we want to have the chance to show them off! We provide glass features for a whole range of customers from domestic, to corporate, to retail to trade and government, so we’ve got a huge wealth of experience to draw on and we’d love to talk to you about your specific requirements.

If you like the look of our stunning scratch resistant worktops, give

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Features about our Non-Scratch Glass Worktops

  • All UK made Toughened Glass
  • Non-Scratch/Scratch Resistant
  • Use around the hob or sink
  • No Breakage from dropping pans/cookware
  • Use any chemical to clean surfaces
  • Available in any colour