Liquid Mirror Splashbacks

Liquid Mirror Splashbacks

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Liquid Mirror Splashbacks bring an element of fluidity and artistry to our regular toughened mirror splashbacks. All ‘liquid’ patterns are hand-made for each panel.

Much like our regular Toughened Mirror Splashbacks, these liquid mirrors are also impact and heat resistant up to 400ºC.

These mirrors are also available in the same 3 tint shades – Plain (transparent), Grey tinted or Bronze tinted.

Liquid Mirror Splashbacks

More Information about Liquid Mirror Splashbacks

Liquid Mirror Splashbacks

All the ‘liquid’ patterns are made by our experienced workshop team. Crafted by hand, this our team will created a style or pattern that is applied to the back of the glass. These hand-made patterns will be completely unique to your project.

There are 3 main styles of liquid mirror designs:


This style has typically has many layers criss-crossing a panel. Wider and more overlapping layers can be change the texturing of this style. This style is available on all three tones of our mirrors.


Consisting of mainly droplet shapes, this style captures the motion of liquid falling through the air. This design can be falling from the top, bottom, left or right of your panels. We will do out best to replicate the design if your Kitchen consists of more than one panel.


Similar to the mesh style, these patterns have a distinct curved flow. The layering of these arcs affects the density of the patterns. We have a range of Samples in store for you to specify which design you like the most. Our Workshop team will do our best to replicate any samples or past installation images/videos you have. Visit our Social Media channels to see more content.

More Information

Liquid Mirrors is a design that isn’t available anywhere else in the world! This design originated inside this company by the managing director and has then only passed on to Workshop employees at CreoGlass Design. We have samples and other examples of our Liquid Mirrors available in our Factory Showroom in Watford. 

This design takes a very long time to design and create. There are also a lot of limitations to the designs we do which cannot be changed. Set up a meeting with our Sales Department who can go through everything with you and take you through the steps you need to take in going ahead with CreoGlass Design!

Features about our Liquid Mirror Splashbacks

  • 6mm Toughened Glass
  • Maximum Panel Length Of 4.5 Metres
  • Available In 3 different Designs
  • Available In 3 Different Tones Of Mirror
  • All Handmade In Creoglass Designs Warehouse
  • Impact & Heat Resistant Up To 400°C
  • All UK Made Toughened Glass
  • Cut-Outs For Sockets & Switches
  • Use Any Chemical To Clean Surfaces